Electrical Engineering, Queen's University

Electrical Engineering with Seven Streams of Specialization, Queen's University


The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Electrical and Computer Engineering offer streams in:

  • Mechatronics
  • Biomedical Engineering;
  • Communications & Signal Processing
  • Communications Systems & Networks
  • Electronics & Photonics
  • Power Electronics & Systems
  • Robotics & Control Streams

Electrical Engineering students should select elective courses to satisfy the degree program and prerequisite requirements listed in the Electrical Engineering Section of the Applied Science Calendar.

Students are encouraged to consider the suggestions below for the different streams of specialization in Electrical Engineering. For each area or stream of specialization, certain elective courses are categorized as having primary or secondary importance in the view of the Department. Students are not obligated to follow these suggestions and are free to make their own choices, subject to the requirements in the Applied Science Calendar related to accreditation units and the distribution of courses between Elective List A and Elective List B for Electrical Engineering. The general advice that the Department extends to students is to make selections based on their interests and aptitudes, as well as their desired or anticipated career directions.


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