Informatics and Security

Bachelor of Technology, Informatics and Security, Seneca College


Seneca’s Informatics and Security degree program provides the critical knowledge and practical skills required for a successful career in system, network and information security. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of informatics, security, social engineering, ethical hacking, intrusion detection, privacy and law as well as learn practical applications that address the security needs of employers across many sectors such as business, finance, health care and government to just name a few!

Seneca Student in Informatics and SecurityStudents in the program prepare for in-demand careers in IT security administration through focuses on secure practices, analysis of - and response to - suspicious activity, privacy and the protection of data. The program also provides both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience working on a variety of hardware/software platforms in various networking environments. 

Graduates have expertise in operating systems, system administration, network management, data communications and database technology. As well, the program offers a range of senior-level option courses which cover in-demand current and emerging topics, including mobile and web security.

Seneca’s Informatics and Security program prepares you to apply your knowledge and explore new ground through an applied research project. You’ll also gain valuable work experience through one or more paid co-operative work terms. With over 3,500 employers in the Seneca database, you’ll get real-world job opportunities that complement your academic studies.

This unique four-year bachelor’s degree program is located at Seneca’s state-of-art facilities at York University which is accessible via GO, TTC, YRT transit and Brampton Transit. Choose from either September or January start dates and enjoy small class sizes, a dedicated security lab, electronic classrooms, expert faculty, access to industry professionals and a wide variety of student services that contribute to increased success.

Informatics and Security careers are ideal for people who:

Job Opportunities

Security is the number one concern in IT infrastructure management which is critical today in all business, industry, health care and government sectors. As such, there is an urgent need for IT graduates who can effectively manage diverse networks and are highly skilled in all aspects of cybersecurity, privacy and the protection of data.

Graduates of Seneca’s Informatics and Security program are prepared for exciting and dynamic positions in this field and are ready to take management leadership roles early in their career.


Bachelor of Technology, Informatics and Security, Seneca College

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