Information Systems Security

Bachelor of Applied Information Science - Information Systems Security
Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Sheridan College, Oakville

With a Sheridan information systems security degree, you’ll help make the recent explosion of internet traffic safer and more secure!

Need a crash course in information security terminology? Watch this video!


For decades now, Sheridan College has been an educational leader in computer science, engineering technology, telecommunications, and justice. In 2005 the college enhanced its leadership with the first information systems security degree in Canada. In doing so, Sheridan responded to the needs of both industry and government. After the Sept. 11 attacks, Industry Canada called for secure internet systems to build trust in the digital economy. Also, tech companies asked educational institutions to offer IT security education. Soon after Sheridan created an advisory committee with representatives from RSA, IBM, WhiteHat, Cisco Systems and others, this program came to be!

Sheridan information systems security develops job-ready professionals with:

  • Technical expertise in operating systems, programming, mathematics, networking and computer databases
  • An understanding of computer operated safety and protection and the ability to administer and audit security systems
  • Ability to analyze, design and implement new and advanced security procedures
  • A commitment to stay current in the field

The program mashes up computer science with information age ethics, forensics, cryptography, and communications security. You will learn database protection, e-commerce and internet security, applied cryptology, computer forensics, malicious code defence, ethical hacking, and round it all off with composition and rhetoric.

The classroom environment simulates workplace conditions via mobile computing. You'll work on a laptop and have online access to lecture notes, assignments, and other subject material anytime anywhere. Furthermore, the program includes a co-op work term of up to 28 weeks in which you'll acquire workplace skills and professional contacts while gaining real-world experience. Also, there are two 14-week direct-entry bridging programs available for transfer students who wish to enter years two or three of this program.

Information systems security is a rigorous and complex profession that requires high technical competence and ethical standards. If you think you can develop these qualities, Sheridan College can put you at the cutting edge of this exciting and expanding industry.

Job Opportunities

There is a vital need for more experts in information systems security! Demand for professionals in this area has more than doubled since 2000., According Michael Kennedy, Canadian general manager at RSA Security, “computer and network security is a rapidly growing area. Every day there's a story about some fairly large security violation. Corporations are being challenged to put increased security measures in place.”

Sample job titles for graduates include:

  • Info systems/Database/Network security architect
  • Info systems/Database/Network security administrator
  • System security analyst
  • System security consultant
  • Cybersecurity developer
  • E-Commerce application developer
  • Computer forensics expert
  • Security vulnerability tester/analyst
  • PKI expert
  • Identity management expert
  • Law enforcement info systems security expert
  • Info systems security consultant

In other words, you could work in law enforcement, the justice system, at government security organizations such as CCIS, in policy development, or for a company in the tech sector or another industry like banking retail or healthcare.

As first-year student Sarah Swanson says, “I like that it's such a diverse area. You can develop policy once you get out or you can also specialize in computer programming. You can be involved in management or more in a technical role.”

Sarah also comments on the importance of attracting more women into the field: “I'm glad to be one of the first women in the program and I'm going to do whatever I can to help recruit other women. I wouldn't try to convince them it isn't geeky because it's definitely geeky, but there's a sort of Wizard of Oz effect when you're in this area because you get see behind the curtain of how things work and it's really fascinating.”


Comparable Programs

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Fun Facts

Sheridan encourages student involvement in the industry led Advisory Committee overseeing Sheridan’s IT programs. As second-year student Nicholas Johnston says, “The advisory committee meetings have been inspirational. You can see how they're so keen on giving their input and they've also requested that we keep going to the meetings. Together, we're helping to round out things in the program.”