Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology (ICCIT)

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology (ICCIT), University of Toronto Mississauga 

The focus of the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology (ICCIT) at the University of Toronto Mississauga is on research and teaching related to the generation, diffusion, and social challenges inherent in new technologies. In addition, ICCIT is actively involved in investigating how media and communication technologies interact with commerce and culture, and provide new opportunities for communication. In a world where we are increasingly saturated by information, it is essential that we have professionals who are able to extract meaning from this information and communicate clearly and precisely to politicians, managers, policy makers and all manner of people from youngest to the oldest.

Our programs are all about variety – you can study traditional and new media, learn how to create web sites, games, and a wide variety of applications, create and participate in creative performance, learn to work with students from diverse backgrounds in solving problems and exploring exciting futures, and genuinely learn to make a difference in a world full of challenges and opportunities.  ICCIT programs combine academic courses in the arts and sciences with hands-on applied courses in digital media and technology.   Students will learn to engage audiences across multiple media while gaining direct experience. As a graduate of ICCIT, you will join a small but expanding group of professionals who will be instrumental in creating Canada for the 21st century.


Designing and capturing the future through technology

ICCIT consists of interdisciplinary programs offered jointly by U of T Mississauga, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, and the U of T Faculty of Information, including:

  • Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) Major
  • Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) Specialist
  • Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Specialist

Upon completion of the first year of studies at the U of T Mississauga, ICCIT students will also begin taking courses at either the U of T St. George or Sheridan College (Oakville Campus) depending upon the program in which they are enrolled. Students in the CCIT Major program typically combine their studies in ICCIT with majors in Psychology, Sociology, Management, etc. This opens up a wide variety of exciting and innovative career paths in such areas as health care, social services, and public policy. The DEM program offers students a unique opportunity to integrate their studies of management with studies of the theory and practice of digital and other technologies.

In addition, students develop extensive design skills that are applicable in many domains along with extensive investigations of the creation and interpretation of content and communication. A subset of the courses that comprise the DEM program are consistent with the Business Technology Management model curriculum as promoted by CCICT.  The IDM program is an interdisciplinary program that is run jointly with the Faculty of Information (commonly known as the iSchool) at the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.  It provides students with a foundation in the generation, diffusion, critical analysis and social impact of new and emerging technologies.

Students who take our programs often combine them with a minor in Professional Writing and Communication  – a blending of studies that has proved to be a winning combination in the marketplace.

In addition to receiving an honours degree from the University of Toronto, students taking either the CCIT Major or DEM Specialist programs have the opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Digital Communications from the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. We are currently investigating ways in which our IDM students may also be able to earn an appropriate certificate from Sheridan College as well.

Career Prospects

Career possibilities are truly endless for graduates of these extraordinarily flexible programs. ICCIT’s programs lie at the intersection of culture, technology and communication – the same point of convergence that is driving the 21st century economy. ICCIT programs offer a unique opportunity to study both theory and practice in a creative and stimulating environment. Among many of the skills that students acquire are the design skills that are applicable to responding to challenges facing just about any public or private organization and any level of government. Along with other extremely relevant analytic and technical skills, our programs include courses that allow students to respond to rapidly changing environments.

Graduates often go on to become leaders and agents of change. With one of the programs offered by ICCIT as a foundation, you can plan a career in:

  •     Advertising
  •     Marketing and Promotion
  •     Entrepreneurs
  •     Running your own e-business
  •     Communication specialists
  •     E-commerce managers
  •     E-commerce developers
  •     Project managers
  •     Education and instructional designers
  •     Technical writers
  •     New media product producers
  •     Speech and language pathologists
  •     E-publishing and web page publishers
  •     Technology policy makers (public and private sectors)
  •     Multi-media producers
  •     Interactive media developers
  •     Public relations officers
  •     Web designers
  •     Teaching
  •     Adaptive communication consultants

Given the outstanding reputation of the University of Toronto, students have extensive opportunities to explore graduate studies in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia and China. Examples of graduate programs that students have successfully completed include Masters in Communications, MBAs, Masters in Health Policy, and Law degrees.


The Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology is located at the University of Toronto Mississauga.  Established in 1967, the University of Toronto Mississauga provides undergraduate and graduate studies and is the second largest division of the University of Toronto, Canada’s largest university. The campus boasts a number of award-winning facilities, including the CCT Building, the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre, the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre, and the new Medical Academy, and Instruction Centre.

The campus is situated in the City of Mississauga on 225 acres of protected greenbelt along the Credit River, 33 kilometres west of University of Toronto’s St. George downtown campus. Students have a choice of on-campus housing at UTM or off-campus housing either in Mississauga or downtown Toronto, which is easily accessed with shuttle buses and public transit.

ICCIT is building partnerships with major hardware and software manufacturers, key technology implementers and users, teachers and researchers at leading academic institutions in Canada and around the world, and research institutes, such as the Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto, to ensure that students have access to state of the art technology and applications.

Fun Facts

You can earn course credits while gaining work experience through the ICCIT Internship Program and other work experience opportunities.  For more information on this, please contact Prof. Tracey Bowen, Internship Coordinator at: or Lisa Peden, Student Liaison and Internship Assistant at:


The program varies from student to student, but everyone graduates with a personalized portfolio of concrete achievements that might include websites, short films, advertisements, product design concepts, social activism campaigns, and more, in addition to an Honours Bachelor of Arts. It’s largely up to you! 

Free shuttle bus service is available to our students and can take you to both the St. George Campus and Sheridan College.

Students in ICCIT programs have also combined their studies with undergraduate studies at universities in South Korea, Australia and Europe. We are working hard to develop and expand such exchange opportunities for our students.

ICCIT students have worked with the creators of UTM TV – an innovative internet-based TV channel showcasing UTM.

ICCIT students have work on a variety of path-breaking projects with the Media Generator project at UTM.