Management Information Systems (MIS) Major, University of Alberta


Today’s organizations are being transformed by the Internet, e-commerce and information systems, which are the topics that lie at the heart of the MIS Major program at the University of Alberta.  Knowing and understanding each of these tech developments and how they influence businesses today is the key to effective modern management practices.

MIS major program graduates are trained to be experts in both business and technology in order to manage organizational information systems or to assist senior management in organizational information technology(IT) strategies. Through a variety of courses offered, students learn how to understand, analyze and solve problems in organizations through information technology (IT).

MIS majors are encouraged to choose a minor in another related area of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, management or business for a more well rounded understanding of business and tech. Those who want a more technical skillset are encouraged to complete a computing science minor.

Career paths for MIS graduates include business analysts, strategic technology partners, database administrators, and systems engineers. A strong understanding of information systems also enhances careers in a wide range of fields from marketing to finance.