Multimedia Design

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia Design
School of Media, Art and Design, Durham College, Oshawa

Multimedia designers are digital innovators who combine photography, graphics, sound, video, and 2-D and 3-D animation to communicate ideas, images and fun to a world hungry for interactive information.


Durham’s multimedia program, which mashes up graphic design with web development, will turn you into a cutting-edge creator of digital information and interactive education and entertainment. You’ll learn to combine your own natural talents, as well as those of others, with proven techniques and craft artistry to create products that absorb users and communicate information effectively and interactively.

Individual and team projects get you into audio and video production, multimedia drawing, web interfaces, digital art and photography, e-commerce, multimedia business practices, and interactive content. 

The program advisory board, which includes faculty and employers, constantly reevaluates the curriculum to ensure it meets today’s needs. Using authoring software such as Adobe Photoshop and Flash, you’ll learn:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • 2-D and 3-D animation
  • Flash/shockwave games
  • CD-ROM and DVD authoring
  • How to design and market static and dynamic websites, kiosks, corporate presentations and promotional materials

You’ll also learn:

  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • HTML
  • Interactive interface design
  • Networking
  • Operating systems
  • Programming
  • Structured query language (SQL)

Durham’s mobile learning initiative includes a Macintosh computer lab and wireless access. Students get to participate in a field placement program in their final year. Most important, you’ll leave the program with a personal portfolio that demonstrates your expertise as a multimedia designer.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities for multimedia designers are much greater than in graphic design or web development alone.

Graduates get jobs in broadcasting, production and post-production houses, animation studios, new media and graphic design studios, corporate communication firms, web development companies, marketing and advertising, and government.

Companies that hire multimedia designers include Bell Canada, Best Buy, Cmedia Design Works, Critical Mass Inc, Design Group Staffing, Huntech Contracts, Intelligent Dimension, Toon Box Entertainment, Ubisoft Entertainment, ViXS Systems Inc, and 5th Business.

“The program is great, because, for myself, I would most likely go into marketing or the advertisement side of it, because it allows that window as well. I could also do consulting, creating various websites and take photos on the side.” – Reanna Allen, multimedia design graduate.


Check out the following videos that visually demonstrate what multimedia design is:

Check out Durham’s multimedia program guide

Comparable Programs

Several multimedia programs are available in Ontario, including:

Fun Facts

In 2010, several third-year Durham multimedia design students filmed the Durham Economic Prosperity Conference and presented a video archive of the event to the 2010 DEPC Committee.

The conference included CEOs, government leaders, university and college presidents, entrepreneurs, labour leaders, and non-profit executives, all of whom share a common goal—to move Durham’s economy forward! Check out the DEPC website.