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Bachelor of Technology, Software Development, Seneca College


Seneca College’s Bachelor of Technology, Software Development program educates you as a software developer and trains you to be a well-rounded professional with both the technical and non-technical skills critical to success in the business world.

Seneca College Software Development StudentThe program focuses on creating knowledgeable software developers who are proficient in the technical details of computer programming but also have the soft skills to integrate information technology into business environments. You’ll also gain valuable work experience through one or more paid co-operative work terms. With over 3,500 employers in the Seneca database, you’ll get real-world job opportunities that complement your academic studies.

The Software Development curriculum includes an extensive exploration of software languages, operating systems, web applications, information security, databases, system analysis, and design patterns. You will work on a number of computing platforms while studying various programming languages, multiple operating system platforms, web development techniques, information security, and database technology. As well, you will learn communication skills and sharpen your business insight to help you succeed in today’s complex workplaces.

Seneca’s relationship with the Open Source community provides unique opportunities to learn about Open Source methodologies and contribute to prominent projects including Mozilla, Eclipse, and Fedora. The program also offers a range of senior-level option courses which cover current and emerging topics that are in-demand, including mobile  device app development, and web services.

This unique degree program is located at Seneca’s state-of-art facilities at York University, which is accessible via GO, TTC and YRT transit. Choose from September or January start dates and enjoy small class sizes, hands-on labs, electronic classrooms, expert faculty and a wide variety of student services that contribute to increased success.

Software development careers are ideal for people who:

  • Understand programming languages and databases as well as their capabilities and technical limitations.
  • Know how to adapt software to the needs of users and the business.
  • Know how to meet high quality control standards.
  • Take the initiative of staying updated on the latest technology.

Job Opportunities

Seneca’s program prepares graduates for exciting and diverse careers that are valuable across all industries and market sectors such as health care, business, financial services, game development, web and mobile apps to name just a few! As a trained software developer, you will have the skills to move across sectors that interest you the most. As an analyst, you could lead software teams and effectively communicate and manage projects in both face-to-face and remotely with teams around the world.

Jobs include: software developers, business systems analysts, business technology designers, client/server application developers, database application specialists, web developers, information security analysts, project managers, software engineers and system software programmers.


Bachelor of Technology, Software Development, Seneca College

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