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Do you know a high school student who wants a career that is interesting, fun, creative and social, but isn’t sure where to start? We’re here to help!

Why CareerMash?

Tech is now part of everything – science, health, environment, engineering, arts, social activities and business. And thanks to constant innovation, the uses of technology continue to expand. As a result, the nature and variety of tech-related careers is expanding too. It’s all very exciting, but it can also be confusing not only for students, but also for teachers, parents and guidance counsellors.

The goal of CareerMash is to provide easy-to-understand information that will help high school students explore today’s tech-related careers which “mash” information & communications technology (ICT) with anything they can imagine – from the arts and medicine to the environment and business – the sky is the limit!

Where to begin with CareerMash?

A good place to start is on the CareerMash How-To page in the Careers section. 
The Four Kinds of CareerMash is a central organizing principle for the CareerMash website. Each of the careers on CareerMash fits into one of the following four categories - Leaders, Innovators, Builders and Problem-solvers. Each category includes information about the types of careers people in the category have, links to profiles of people who have careers in the category and suggestions for education pathways. There is also a Comparison Chart of the four categories which includes personal qualities, job examples, education requirements, and famous people.

Meet The Pros

Face it, not everyone can have a dream career, right? Wrong! CareerMash profiles many real people who are doing just that right now. Not only do these people share their roadmaps to success, they also share the speed bumps they have encountered along the way.

Real Careers

CareerMash helps showcase cutting edge careers that may not be well-known or understood. From Mobile Apps Designers to Smart Grid Engineers, students can read more about what it takes to have one of these careers in the Career Profiles section as well as investigate the Industries in which these careers play a vital role, such as Health, Retail and Financial Services.

Real Workplaces

Tech-related careers are everywhere – in every industry, from tiny startups to established major employers. In the Workplaces section, students will be able find about more about companies such as Dell Canada, McCain Foods, Bell Canada and OpenText which are at the forefront of ICT in Canada and around the world.

Getting the right Post-Secondary Education

Having a dream CareerMash begins with getting the right education. In the After High School section are the featured programs, which include summaries for many different post-secondary ICT programs offered at Canadian colleges and universities. 

For those looking for a post-secondary program which mashes ICT with business and management, a Business Technology Management (BTM) program might be the answer. A national committee of leading employers and university educators, facilitated by the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills, designed the BTM undergraduate degree. Currently, more than 10 universities across Canada offer undergraduate BTM degrees or certificates, with more on the way.

But wait… there's more!

On CareerMash there are many ways to access the latest buzz in the world of ICT careers and education. In the Blog provides stories written by CCICT staff writers and In the News provides links to current and topical ICT stories from around the web. Subscribe to the CareerMash blog in your own news reader or webpage using RSS.


There are links to events such as classroom visits by tech role models and the first annual CareerMash hybrid career fair and tech showcase held in October 2011 (watch the highlight video). CareerMash also has a YouTube channel, which features dozens of videos of people with cool ICT careers.


Get inspired by reading about real people working in real careers. Or better yet, watch some videos and see what these people really do. And read the blog to find out how technology is leading to tons of exicitng new career opportunities, or get tips on how to get your career search started.


CareerMash isn't just a website: it's an online network focused on the new and exciting opportunities in tech careers and education. Join the conversation about tech news and careers on our Facebook page or link with us professionally on LinkedIn. Maybe you prefer to talk tech careers in 140 characters or less. If so, connect with us on Twitter for quick chats.

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