Volunteering With CareerMash

Many youth in Canada face an uncertain career future with 14.5% of young people under the age of 24 unemployed and 46% only working part-time. (Statistics Canada July 2013) Not only are youth stressed about which post-secondary programs to study and where to go that can they afford, they also worry about finding jobs once they graduate.

With unemployment in the tech sector at less than 3%, there is a growing need for individuals who “get” tech. Canadians employers across every field find it hard to hire qualified people with the right tech skills for today’s digital economy yet high school students are often unaware of the in-demand career opportunities available to them in one of the hottest job sectors in the country.

To help youth break the cycle of unemployment and underemployment, committed tech professionals volunteer with the CareerMash In-Class Guest Speaker program and/or the Online Presenter program, spreading the word about the many benefits of choosing a tech-related career.

By connecting classes with 70+ tech professionals from a wide variety of fields, sectors and passions, our programming provides students with real-life examples of how technology can be mashed up with their personal interests in every field imaginable including art, music, sports, fashion, business, healthcare or the environment.  

Our volunteer tech professionals communicate the benefits of a tech career in easy-to-understand ways that break the outdated perceptions many students have that jobs in tech are nerdy, dull and insecure. They emphasize the creative, innovative and fun aspects of their personal experiences working in tech, inspiring students with their passion for these well paying, in-demand careers.

Both the In-Class and Online programs are free to all participating schools and run throughout the following six monthly-themed events over the course of the school year:

October: Women In Technology Month

November: Finance and Technology Month

January: Liberal Arts Education and Technology Month

February: Tech Career Awareness Month

April: Digital Design and Technology Month

May: Youth, Innovation and Technology Month 

Volunteer Tech Professionals and educators can commit to one or several of the program months that we offer.

Sign up now as a tech professional to become an In-Class and/or Online Volunteer, or as an educator to book an In-Class and/or Online Volunteer Tech Professional for your class.