Hack The Future

hack - a clever solution to a tricky problem
          - to hack is to mod or change something in an extraordinary way
                                                                   Source: Urban Dictionary

Tech careers have been getting a bad rap for way too long. They aren’t geeky or dull and they aren’t low paying, monotonous jobs chained to a computer screen all day. The truth is cool technologies bring innovation to everything – environment, health care, entertainment, shopping, mobility, our social lives and more. And it’s tech professionals who make all this happen.

We need your help to Hack the Future by solving the tricky problem of changing outdated perceptions about tech and turning young people onto the endless possibilities of tech careers.

We want you to add your voice to Hack the Future by spreading the word to your friends, relatives – anyone who will listen - that tech careers are interesting, fun, cool and creative. They pay well and are in high demand.

Why bother? Here’s why…

Why we need you

Do you have an older brother, sister, relative or friend who can’t land a job above minimum wage or get their start in a meaningful career? They aren’t alone.

It’s a tough job market for people of all ages but unemployment among youth under the age of 24 is nearly double the adult rate at 14.5% and 46.8% are only working part-time (Statistics Canada, April 2013). Youth unemployment isn’t just a problem in Canada but around the world in other countries like Britain, France, Germany and the U.S.

But there’s good news within the gloom – the tech sector is hot for jobs! Unemployment for tech careers averaged only 2.4% in 2011 and employers are finding it difficult to recruit the right people with the right tech skills, even at the entry level.

There are all these young people looking for jobs and all these tech companies looking for talent. Why the big disconnect? Because a lot of students, as well as teachers and parents, still have the outdated idea that tech careers are geeky, dull and low paying. They couldn’t be more wrong. Cool technologies bring innovation to everything today – the environment, health care, entertainment, shopping, mobility, our social lives and more. And it’s tech professionals who make all this happen.

Today’s tech careers pay well and are in high demand. Just glance through the CareerMash Meet The Pros profiles and see that today’s tech careers mash up with anything you can imagine. Even if you’re an artsy-type, you can develop your talent for writing or graphic arts into a tech-related career in areas such as video game design or storytelling, 3D animation, web content writing or social media marketing for a company in the tech sector.

If you help us turn more young people on to the endless possibilities of tech careers, we can start bridging the gap between youth unemployment and employers’ increasing demand for tech skills.

Help us Hack the Future

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