CareerMash Youth Tech Jam

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam was a huge success!

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) high school students created a lot of energized buzz last Friday at a CareerMash Youth Tech Jam on how they imagine technology changing the world and how they might drive that change through a tech career. >Read more.

Your Vision, Our Future

You’re part of the most tech-savvy generation to ever walk the planet and we want to “jam” with you. Digital technologies are changing everything in our lives across entertainment, shopping, education, the environment, health care—you name it—, and CareerMash wants you to be a part of the action.

Share your vision for our future this spring as part of the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam – school events, online activities, contests and prizes have all been designed to get you dreaming of a future where digital technologies help solve some of the world’s greatest issues.

Think Big or Think Local

Think big and without limits to imagine new digital gadgets that save energy, or an app that might save polar bears from extinction due to global warming. You can think local too by looking at your own neighbourhood. Maybe computers, smartphones or tablets could create an unblinking, interconnected eye on your community to prevent crime and find missing children or pets.

If something’s already being done, think of new ways to do it better. You don’t have to know a lot about science or technology either. All you need to join the fun of the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam is an idea or a creative vision of whatever you think is possible.

The Best and the Brightest

Your idea could win a place alongside the world’s greatest thinkers when they gather in Montreal for the 18th World Congress of Information Technologies (WCIT). Up to 3,000 delegates from more than 80 countries will meet to develop a Global Digital Society Action Plan that will not only shape the future of information technologies (IT) but also the future of humanity.

The CareerMash Youth Tech Jam is a warm up to the WCIT’s World Tech Jam in June. The World Tech Jam is a massive online brainstorming session spanning 72 hours to crowdsource hundreds, and possibly thousands, of new ideas, innovations, and actions that the IT sector can adopt to address global challenges.

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam posterThe CareerMash Youth Tech Jam’s school events and online activities in April and May will inspire students to dream and share their ideas on the global digital revolution. Discussions and activities will revolve around the WCIT’s five key themes: healthcare and medical research; education and digital skills; smart cities and sustainability; energy, the environment, and sustainability; and media, arts, and culture.

The CareerMash website will be buzzing too with a variety of online activities such as contests, prizes, polls, surveys and blogs on how the digital revolution is reshaping the world around us. (See blogs below to get ideas.)

We'll also be reaching out to schools across the country to encourage teachers to get their classes involved in the CareerMash Youth Tech Jam’s contest to win prizes for essays, photo essays or artwork on one of the five WCIT digital technology themes.

CareerMash Youth Tech Jam activities will end with a large event at the Ontario Science Centre on May 11 in Toronto.

Two very talented students will also be invited to participate in the World Congress on IT in Montreal in October.

Get ready to share your vision for our future. E-mail with questions or to find out how to get involved.

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