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2013-03-21, PC World
The field of IT is notorious for being persistently male-dominated, but that doesn't mean women still suffer from a gender gap when it comes to pay.
2013-03-07, Network World
Successful CSOs will tell you it was a unique mix of skills that propelled them to their current position. Technical background is important, but practice in the business and excellence in...
2013-02-28, New York Times Blog
A new non-profit seeking to rally interest among children, parents and schools in computer programming is getting help from some big guns in the tech industry!
2013-02-27, Planet Engineering
The fourth wave of innovative technology jobs will involve computers, telecommunications, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, according to Dr. Michio Kaku, American theoretical...
2013-02-25, Smart Planet
Big Data is now a subject popping up at universities everywhere, as schools respond to employers’ insatiable demand for data analytics skills.
2013-02-25, Smart Planet
Big Data is now a subject popping up at universities everywhere, as schools respond to employers’ insatiable demand for data analytics skills.
2013-02-22, The Verge
Monkeys are controlling bipedal, walking robots thousands of miles away using only their minds!
3D printers- which can also turn out metal, ceramic or even human-tissue replicas of computerized 3D drawings - may one day revolutionize the way we live.
2013-02-15, Simon Fraser University News Online
Blaize Horner Reich, RBC Professor of Technology and Innovation at the Beedie School of Business, will receive a 2013 Business in Vancouver Influential Women in Business Award during a ceremony March...
2013-02-14, Extreme Tech
A German student has built an electromagnetic harvester that recharges an AA battery by soaking up ambient, environmental radiation.
2013-02-08, CBC Radio
What if learning to code was more like taking a creative writing class? Nora Young interviews Diana Kimball, who recently gave a talk called "Coding as a Liberal Art."
2013-02-07, Wired

Facebook’s billion-plus users influence politics or how retail happens. Now it’s beginning to impact science and public health. It could be Facebook’s biggest industry-changing...


More and more, sport is using tech to help make fair decisions in a game. Here are some interesting examples.

2013-01-30, Fortune

Technology is crawling onto our bodies in the form of 'wearables' that will help revolutionize healthcare, fitness, communication, and much more.

2013-01-24, Conversations by Nokia

What’s so exciting about 3D printing which some say has the potential to be as important as the Internet? Here’s 10 fascinating facts.

2013-01-22, CTV News Tech Talk

ARB Labs Adrian Bulzacki discusses smart technology's future with CTV News. Also see Adrian’s CareerMash Real People...

2013-01-17, Extreme Tech

IBM researchers have developed nanoscale circuits thin enough to be folded and bent to fit in countless devices. From curvy computers to implantable medical devices, these razor thin circuits can...

2013-01-15, Network World

As big data gathers momentum, it's helping create big career opportunities for IT professionals - if they have the right qualifications. Companies are looking for employees with a complex set...

2013-01-14, InfoWorld

IT hiring in 2013 will focus on jobs involving cloud computing, mobile technology and business intelligence. And, companies increasingly want business-savvy developers.

2013-01-07, Business Insider

As the tech landscape shifts, demand for certain emerging tech skills is exploding. If you’re looking to get into a tech career, now is a great time to do it. Here are a few skills that will...