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2012-03-19, Mediacaster Magazine

The kidsmediacentre at Centennial College's Centre for Creative Communications is offering research funding and grant opportunities to children's content producers and developers.


Across the country, universities are increasingly focusing on not only serving as centres for higher studies, but also as incubators of business startups.

2012-03-15, IT World Canada

More and more, companies are going to need IT specialists who have the "breadth and depth" of skills which allow them to work in multiple assignments.

2012-03-14, Globe and Mail

Entrepreneurs who create innovative products or services to answer to their own needs first then go on to build some of the most innovative companies, a study suggests.

2012-03-13, Information Week

There's no doubt the cloud is reshaping the IT department as we know it. While cloud computing promises to stimulate the job market, it could be a buzz kill for your marketability as an IT...

2012-03-12, IT World Canada

IT workers with experience in mobile application and software development, cloud computing, data analysis and user interface design may see significant salary increases this year, according to a...

2012-03-09, Canada Newswire

The Canadian Health Information Management Association says labour shortages could pose serious risk to the successful implementation of Electronic Health Information System technologies in Canada...

2012-03-08, IT World Canada

Cloud computing will create almost 14 million jobs around the world by 2015 - including more than 70,000 in Canada - according to an IDC report commissioned by Microsoft.

2012-03-07, Network World

New job opportunities are emerging in "big data" which gathers vast amounts of real-time corporate data and analyzes it to drive decision making and increase profitability.

2012-03-05, Toronto Star

The climate for youth entrepreneurs is better than ever, particular in the knowledge sectors where young people have the advantage of low start-up costs and technology know how. Ajay Agrawal, a...

2012-03-02, Hamilton Spectator

A $35 computer with Seneca College-designed software stormed the tech world, selling out in minutes. Seneca’s Chris Tyler used his software building courses to create the Raspberry Pi...


A Ryerson PhD student is completing the world's first extensive database of human gestures for use as a universal computing interface. Adrian Bulzacki started the database while developing a...

2012-03-02, The Record

Waterlook Region technology companies are looking for talent over the next month through TechVibe Online Career Fair. The fair allows tech companies to more easily extend their reach to a much...

2012-02-28, RADIO IT World Canada

Lara Dodo, regional vice president at Robert Half Technology chats about mobile app development, retaining the right skill sets and which skill sets are in demand.

2012-02-28, National Post

While little data on the phenomenon exists, venture capitalists say they are funding more chief executives under age 21 than ever before.

2012-02-28, Network World

The idea of having a chief mobility officer (CMO) isn't new in the business world. But as companies now scramble to establish mobile strategies, a CMO could be one key to success, according to...

2012-02-24, Gamasutra

A maverick movement making its way through Canada’s game development industry is poised to push the world’s third-largest employer of game-building gurus even further onto the playing...

2012-02-24, Network World

Big Data and analyzing data collected from everything imaginable, is increasing the demand for people with statistical and mathematics backgrounds. The range of companies hiring people with...

2012-02-24, Toronto Star

Ontario universities need to cut undergraduate degrees from four to three years, offer classes year-round and allow students to earn more than half their credits online, says a government paper...

2012-02-22, Toronto Star

In high school, everyone wants to go into business or become a doctor. In the real world, most employers are looking for people with computer and engineering skills.