In The News

2012-01-27, IT World Canada

British Columbia Institute of Technology student Brad Murfin has just had a peek at some of Cisco’s secrets after winning the company’s annual NetRiders IT student skills competition...

2012-01-27, CNN

Xenex is a mobile robot that combats germs with blasts of light. It looks like Star Wars' R2D2 with a handle but it's a killing machine for microorganisms. 

2012-01-25, Globe and Mail

The smartphone revolution at work has created a new market for mobile apps designed specifically for business to allow employees to work faster, smarter and from anywhere.


Cisco Canada plans hire to 300 R&D jobs in Ottawa and Toronto to help expand its next-gen technology for Internet routing, broadband internet and communications software.

2012-01-23, Stratford Beacon Herald

The University of Waterloo Stratford entrance QR code triggers a self-guided tour of the Master of Digital Experience Innovation with projects students have been working on in the program's...


Carnegie Mellon and Ryerson researchers have developed a new way to help disaster victims with a dog and camera-equipped robot that moves like a snake.  Instead of waiting for a primitive...

2012-01-20, Washington Post

Apple is launching a new version of iBooks software, tailored to present vivid, interactive textbooks for elementary and high school students on iPads. 


To get the greatest business value from Big Data, companies need multi-skilled experts who understand programming, large-scale mathematics, statistics and business. They call this new role a...


3-D printing is a speedy way to prototype products but it's also being used for art like decorative vases and jewelry. 

2012-01-19, Globe and Mail

Smartphones could soon become much cooler with technology that can gives them the power to anticipate what users want and be intuitively responsive to their needs.

2012-01-19, IT World Canada

As COBOL developers retire, there might be a shortage of new developers. And when COBOL is finally retired, what will replace it? 

2012-01-19, IT World Canada

The new cloud computing lab at Carleton, sponsored in part by Telus and Huawei, is now open to students. Current projects focus on solving major concerns in modern cloud computing such as...

2012-01-18, Fast Company

Intel, PayPal, Pepsico, Google, HP  and Microsoft are spending millions to plumb your mind. Here's how it's done with neuromarketing…

2012-01-18, Network World

Women may have come a long way in high-tech the last 10 years, but there's still a lot of room for growth, according to a group of female tech executives. And Marissa Mayer, a vice president...

2012-01-18, IT Canada

Refreshes of business technologies are keeping Canadian IT hiring projections stable with healthy signs of growth in areas such as project management, business analysis, and infrastructure...

2012-01-17, Marketwire

The federal government will invest up to $1.5 million for FIRST Robotics Canada to create opportunities for students in southern Ontario to participate in robotics competitions and real-world...

2012-01-17, Washington Post

In the next decade, 75 percent of all channels will be born on the Internet as the Web becomes the premium channel for entertainment distribution, predicts YouTube exec Robert Kyncl.

2012-01-17, Wired Magazine

IBM researchers have found a way to put a single bit of data on a 12-atom surface, creating the world’s smallest magnetic storage device. It’s a breakthrough for storage devices that...

2012-01-16, Toronto Star

The jobs of the future are likely to be in health care, computer technology and the skilled trades given an aging population and Canadians’ love affair with electronic gadgets.

2012-01-16, Naples News

Ashton Canada, 16, never set out to create a custom video game controller business. It just sort of happened. When his friends were having problems with the Xbox Red Ring of Death, Ashton...