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2013-01-04, Fast Company

From automated cars to smarter smartphones, here are the ideas that will shape the future.

2013-01-02, The Economic Times

IT careers have now moved beyond mere coding skills. Employers look for a combination of consistent academic scores and good communication and interpersonal skills.


Demand for cloud skills will increase six times the rate of overall IT skills and the talent pool isn’t big enough to accommodate the growth, according to a recent IDC study.

2012-12-17, GigaOM

IBM’s latest “5 in 5″ technology list center on richer data that give computers the ability to taste, smell, touch, and feel.

2012-12-14, CIO

Finding people to fill analytics positions is only going to get harder as more companies begin to use big data to gain a competitive edge.

2012-12-13, Globe and Mail

Unpaid internships can be worthwhile if used the right way. The intern can benefit from networking opportunities, listing real world experience on his or her résumé, and gaining...

2012-12-12, IT World Canada

If you're a network engineer or a mobile application designer you're among a group of people whose talent will be in demand in 2013, says a staffing firm.

2012-12-11, Globe and Mail

Echelon Ag Inc. uses technology like satellite imagery, math and proprietary technologies to help farmers identify ideal application rates of nutrients and seed that would benefit crops. 

2012-12-10, ExtremeTech

Researchers have created the first fiber-optic solar cell that produces electricity. The potential for flexible, woven solar cells includes clothes that charge smartphones or provide power for...

2012-12-06, IT shortage to hit 100,000 by 2016 IBM report finds

Canada’s IT  industry will be more than 100,000 workers short by 2016 thanks to growing skill shortages that affect as many as 60 per cent of all businesses, an IBM report say

2012-12-03, Huffington Post

Spaun, a software model of a human brain from University of Waterloo researchers, is able to play simple pattern games, draw what it sees and do a little mental arithmetic. 

2012-11-30, Wired

What if your plants can talk and let you know when it needs watering? This capability is here today, thanks to the incredible potential of the Internet of Things.

2012-11-29, GigaOM

Mobile tech and social networks are helping change the way that students learn and how education is delivered. And the disruption is just beginning.

2012-11-28, Cisco Feature

Many female tech entrepreneurs report a groundswell of support from a growing network of mentors, advisers and investors.

2012-11-27, Network World

Network World lists 7 trends like Big Data and 3D printing that dominated headlines in 2012 and, in some case, changed how we do business and manage the world of IT.

2012-11-26, Fast Company

The Internet of Things will see chips, sensors and smarts inserted into everyday things that you probably wouldn't ever think of, turning them into magical items.

2012-11-23, IT World Canada

Apple co-founder tells a Toronto audience that sometimes bright minds go through a rebellious phase. But they can still turn into CEOs.

2012-11-22, Computerworld

What if all objects were interconnected and started to communicate with each other? Here’s a glimpse of our possible future by 2020 when 50 billion to 500 billion devices will have a mobile...

2012-11-21, Network World

Recent developments in gesture-based computing could enable users to control smart TVs like giant tablets they don't have to touch.

2012-11-19, TechVibes

This year, nearly half of Canadians will shop via mobile devices or online for part or all of their holiday gift-buying, according to an eBay survey. Convenience was cited  as the top reason...