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Futurist Ray Kurzweil optimistically predicts much longer life expectancies, cures for cancer and heart disease, flying cars and robot butlers.

2012-10-18, Wall Street Journal

Executive Director of the Singularity Institute Luke Muehlhauser talked with the Wall Street Journal about efforts to create superhuman computers. Watch the video to learn where we’re...

2012-10-17, University Affairs

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will oversee a range of university research experiments during his three months at the helm of space station Expedition 35.

2012-10-16, GigaOm

Several novice programmers who signed up for a free machine-learning Coursera class have won predictive-modeling competitions. Maybe it’s not that hard to mint new data scientists after all...

2012-10-15, IT World Canada

The reason for the shortage of qualified data scientists is the rare combination of qualities needed for the job.  They are naturally gifted in statistics but also courageous, adaptable and...

2012-10-12, TechVibes

The latest ranking of Canada's top 100 employers has been released. Here's a quick breakdown of the best tech companies to work for in Canada.

2012-10-11, InfoWorld

Companies are urgently seek people with IT, math and business backgrounds who can translate data analysis into tangible business information.

2012-10-10, Computerworld

Demand for cloud architects is on the rise as cloud computing jobs market goes berserk. Read about the top 10 jobs in cloud computing today.

2012-10-05, Tweak Town

Montreal scientists have discovered a way to direct nano-sized robots inside the human body. The nanobots, are so small that they can only be seen under a microscope.

2012-10-04, IT Business

There's an IT talent war being waged in Canada with IT workers earning a 4.5 per cent increase in pay from last year.

2012-10-03, Fast Company

How Ariel Waldman hacked her way into NASA - in a good way. A burgeoning space industry may have a job for you, too.

2012-10-02, USA Today

Data analysts are as important as the best engineers and designers. A McKinsey Global Institute study called data analytics "the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity....

2012-10-01, The National

Silicon Valley is giving birth to its next world-changing technology - robotics. Companies are developing humanoid-stye robots to cater for a growing demand from both businesses and consumers.

2012-09-28, Computerworld

Want to snag a pay premium? Check out Computerworld’s 2013 Forecast Survey of IT skills that will be in high demand in 2013.

2012-09-27, Mashable

A six-year old boy with severe allergies is using a telepresence VGo robot to attend school and it’s an experiment that appears to be working.

2012-09-26, Network World

IT is moving to the cloud - and so are the jobs. Here's how to cash in on the hot trend in tech hiring.

2012-09-25, Toronto Standard

Victoria Walker, an 11-year-old from California, has created an app to deter people from texting and driving. The "Rode Dog" app barks at users when they try to text and drive.

2012-09-24, Computer Weekly

Celebrity aspirations are being superceded by the desire to follow in the footsteps of technology pioneers such as Steve Jobs, as more children dream of a career in IT rather than entertainment....

2012-09-21, Christian Science Monitor

From smart phones that act as personal concierges to self-parking cars to medical robots, the artificial intelligence revolution is here. So where do humans fit in?

2012-09-20, Network World

It's been the FBI's dream for years - to do near-instant DNA analysis using mobile equipment in the field - and now "Rapid DNA" gear is finally here.