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Thinking like a five-year-old is helping a Simon Fraser University team create an app that allows children to create their own books. 

2012-09-18, The Varsity

The University of Toronto’s first free online courses have attracted over 85,000 students. Three computer science courses are offered with Coursera, an online learning platform that also...

2012-09-17, Technology Review

Research using monkeys suggests that neural implants could one day be used to recover specific brain functions in patients with brain injuries or localized brain disease.

2012-09-14, TechVibes

Ottawa's RocketOwl wants to change the world through gaming - one tree at a time. The game developer launched a tree planting campaign Play2Plant with

2012-09-13, Winnipeg Sun

McGill is the top-ranked Canadian school for the ninth year, just ahead of the University of Toronto, in the QS World University Rankings 

2012-09-12, IT World Canada

Ryerson has just launched a certificate program in computer security and digital forensics, focusing on the twin problems of securing networks and nabbing the people responsible for attacking them...


Everything you need to build a robot now comes in a kit. Called the Multiplo Robot Building Kit, it helps people create, program and control their very own droid.

2012-09-10, Daily Mail

A robot cheetah has overtaken the fastest man on earth. The 'cheetah' robot set a new record for legged robots by sprinting 100 metres at 28.3 mph. Olympic champion Bolt's world record...

2012-09-07, Technorati

The rise in popularity of online learning strongly suggests we have arrived at a crucial turning point in the world of education. Online learning will surely redefine and reshape education as we...

2012-09-06, Forbes

From deep sea and space exploration to helping the police and the handicapped live better, longer lives, robotics will begin to make its way into our lives in earnest.

2012-09-04, Computer World

While women still represent only a fraction of IT workers today, some experts believe cloud computing will offer the wedge in the door that women need to equalise staffing numbers.

2012-08-31, Spar Point Group

University of Toronto’s Forensic Science program students will have a new offering available - Introduction to 3D Crime Scene Mapping and Reconstruction. “It’s going to be the...

2012-08-30, Canadian Business

Voice recognition and other high-tech features are expected to become far more mainstream as automakers race to outdo each other for an app-inspired, always-connected lifestyle on the road.

2012-08-29, PopSci

Better hurricane predictions require better data from the center of the storm. Scientists are building robots that will report back from the very eye of the hurricane.

2012-08-28, Daily Mail

Researchers have developed a way to turn body heat into electricity with Power Felt that can keep your phone charged through the power of touch.

2012-08-27, Forbes

Where are the women in tech? Right here. Read about 15 executives, engineers and entrepreneurs who are changing the conversation on women in technology.

2012-08-24, Globe and Mail

The perception of IT fields has to change, says David Ticoll, special advisor to the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills. There are a growing number of jobs that merge IT skills...

2012-08-24, Ryerson Digital Media Zone

Two young Canadian professors are being singled out as rising stars in MIT’s new international high-tech ranking. Ryerson's Hossein Rahnama and U of T's Joyce Poon will be recognized...

2012-08-23, Huffington Post

For the first time ever, members of the public are being asked to select four robots for induction into  Carnegie Mellon University’s  Robot Hall of Fame . The Robot Hall of Fame...

2012-08-22, Edmonton Sun

Students returning to school will have a list of supplies that will look familiar but there is a new flood of high-tech educational toys that parents may also be rushing to get.