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2012-07-19, Times Colonist

The University of Victoria will offer the only undergraduate degree program in biomedical engineering west of Ontario. Students in the program, to be launched this September, will graduate with a...

2012-07-18, Network World

Java developers remain the most difficult tech pros to land, followed by mobile developers, .NET developers and software developers, according to new data from

2012-07-17, Globe and Mail

The University of Toronto is the first Canadian school to tap into the exploding interest in free open online courses, signing on with a startup led by schools such as Stanford and Princeton.

2012-07-16, IT World Canada

Business analyst is one of the hottest jobs in IT right now. Find out why everyone wants someone who can put the pieces together.

2012-07-13, Times Colonist

British Columbia is aiming to see 100,000 new jobs created in the province's technology sector over the next couple of years, said Pat Bell, Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Minister.

2012-07-12, Forbes

Cloud technology is expected to generate 14 million new jobs by 2015, according to an IDC study. Mobility, social media and Big Data are trends behind the job boom.

2012-07-11, CIO Magazine

The IT industry needs to rid its ‘geeky kind of boy’s job’ image and better promote the diversity of IT careers to attract women into the industry, said Kaylene O’Brien, a...

2012-07-10, Workopolis

Six jobs in technology and design that can earn over $100k include mobile apps developer,  data security analyst and interactive creative director.

2012-07-06, PlayStation Universe

Here are some perks of being an online video game journalist and why it’s worth working hard if you wish to get involved in such a great career.

2012-07-05, Toronto Star

Fighting crime can now be as easy as clicking a button, thanks to the Toronto Crime Stoppers new mobile app. It’s the first of its kind in North America.

2012-07-04, Globe and Mail

Jobs in tech and the digital sphere come with healthy paycheques in Canada. Information architects, data-security analysts and user-experience designers often earn $100,000 or more, according to...

2012-07-03, Montreal Gazette

A new global university ranking by subject has pegged U of T as the country’s leading institution. The QS World University Rankings compared universities across 29 disciplines and was the...

2012-06-29, Globe and Mail

Many postsecondary students have a difficult choice to make in summer - whether to stay in school mode and take classes or earn money through a summer job.

2012-06-28, New York Times Blog

Twitter, General Electric, Google and eBay are joining an initiative called Girls Who Code which they hope will increase the number of young women who become programmers and engineers....

2012-06-27, MetroFocus

The word nano keeps popping up everywhere and it’s not just the iPod nano anymore. We’re talking about nanotechnology, a process of working with extremely tiny matter.

2012-06-26, Forbes

The time has come to turn our attention to the economics of data. With the rise of the Internet and vast server farms, deposits of high rich data ‘ore’ are becoming increasingly...

2012-06-25, Backbone Magazone

Delegates from more than 80 countries will descend on Montreal Oct. 22 to 24 for the world’s leading  IT gathering -  the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). “It...

2012-06-21, Metro News Montreal

In the social media battleground of Quebec’s tuition fee dispute, the students have conquered the strategic high-tech terrain while the provincial government remains mired in the trenches....


There is a shortage of skilled labour across the entire tech industry, from ICT to mobile product development, to usability experience roles to programming roles. Why technical studies will...

2012-06-19, Mashable

Mashable interviewed the faces behind the startups and projects that are making a global impact. These companies are tapping into the public’s power to change the world through tech, whether...