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2012-06-18, IT World Canada

The organizers of the upcoming World Congress of Information Technology are promising to inject new energy into the event by giving tech-savvy young people centre stage.

2012-06-15, Technology Review

Facebook’s  social scientists are hunting for insights about human behavior. What they find could give Facebook new ways to cash in on our data and remake our view of society.

2012-06-14, National Post

The lack of women in technology is often discussed.  Last August, four Toronto women joined forces to start Ladies Learning Code, a series of workshops aimed at helping women with no...

2012-06-13, Stratford Beacon Herald

A call for communities around the globe to use information and communication technologies to make the world a better place is being heard loud and clear in Canada. Nearly half of the Intelligent...

2012-06-12, IT World Canada

It's that time of year again. Legions of eager interns have invaded IT departments, hoping to get real-world experience, or at least something that sounds impressive on their resumes.

2012-06-11, Student Magazine

Lots of articles will tell you about ways to productively spend your summer months but today we’re going to warn you about things that seem productive, but are actually a waste of time.

2012-06-08, National Post

Entrepreneurs are often perceived as thrill-seeking innovators. Ernst & Young conducted a survey of 685 entrepreneurs to determine whether they are made or born.

2012-06-07, Study Magazine

You might not take your summer job seriously or take full advantage of it on your resume and college/university applications. But don’t sell the experience short.

2012-06-06, Canada NewsWire

On June 5-7, some of the world's smartest urbanologists will take part in an online virtual brainstorm. World Tech Jam is hosted by World Congress on Information Technology and IBM to discuss...

2012-06-05, Network World

The current tech talent gap is just the first sign of a coming revolution in the IT jobs market. Here’s how to secure your footing now and brace for what’s ahead.

2012-06-04, Forbes

The critical jobs in tech today focus on Big Data and concentrate on mining vast amounts of data stored in enormous data warehouses.  To analyze the data, you need advanced computer skills...

2012-05-31, Standard Freeholder

What started as a love of video games escalated to an interest in computer technology for microcomputer and electronics engineer Michelle Brodeur and  network engineer, Erica McCowan.

2012-05-30, Toronto Star

Maeghan Smulders’s desire to find the perfect position prompted her to launch ProjectONE12, a speed interning initiative of unpaid stints at 10 different companies across the continent over...


As students pound the pavement to find a summer job, Ontario’s government wants to make it easier on them. The government recently its Summer Jobs Strategy to help students find work, create...

2012-05-28, Daily Commercial News

A $2 million dollar donation will create an interdisciplinary program in entrepreneurship that will teach real world business experience to aspiring entrepreneurs at York University.

2012-05-25, Globe and Mail

Student interns earn an edge in job hunting. They also learn whether a particular job or industry is right for them before making a commitment.

2012-05-24, Financial Post

The developing power of Generation Y in the workplace is producing an interesting trend - an increase in entrepreneurialism at a time when business models and workplace dynamics are changing.

2012-05-23, Business Week

As hospitals digitize patient records and amass huge amounts of data, many are turning to companies for their data-mining expertise, which can help medical providers perform detective work and...

2012-05-22, Network World

Any study of the IT labor market is likely to find that project managers and business analysts are in demand, but what about cloud transformation officers? With big data, mobile computing, social...

2012-05-18, Technology Review

Researchers have shown that brain chips can help paralyzed people perform complex real-world tasks through their thoughts.