Become a Role Model

Volunteering as a CareerMash Role Model allows you to get involved in your local community and make a positive impact by helping youth understand the wide range of opportunities available to them through a well paying, in-demand tech career. Role Models bring their real-life experiences, enthusiasm and ideas about working in tech into the classroom to inspire students.

Choosing a career isn’t easy for students at any age but figuring out a career in tech can be tougher to nail down. Even among today’s tech-savvy youth, tech careers are often seen as boring, poorly paid and insecure.  As well, teachers, guidance counsellors and parents often lack updated information on these careers to change misconceptions and guide young people to explore opportunities more fully.


"Thank you for the presentation, it was well received by the students and Alex [our presenter] was an excellent speaker. I really appreciate the benefits CareerMash is providing to students.


- Teacher, grade 10


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As an industry insider, you know the reality is quite different. In-demand tech careers are creative, innovative, fast-paced and can be mashed up with interests in every field imaginable. By becoming a CareerMash Role Model, you can share that perspective with youth who need guidance at such a critical point in their process of choosing a future career.

Becoming a role model is easy! Simply fill out the application form. Once we confirm your availability, your location of choice and other preferences, we will connect you with an educator and school for your presentation.

All Role Models will receive in-depth training and support to help prepare for their presentation. Our community outreach team is also available to answer any questions you may have or provide guidance.

The Role Model program runs in two cycles, Fall and Spring. The Fall cycle runs from October to December and the Spring cycle from March to May. CareerMash will contact you to request a brief bio and three potential dates you could visit in your chosen school semester. This will give your host teacher a starting point for scheduling the visit and preparing their colleagues and students.

Getting started is simple. Fill out the application form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.