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“As a result of CareerMash programs, for next year I have a total of eight subjects in my area, meaning my department needs another teacher! This is fantastic for me and CareerMash!” – Technology Teacher

“This was the best presentation for careers that I've seen. It's opened up my mind to a bunch of careers. I'll most likely use this website in the future.” – Grade 10 Student

“[I visited] a very progressive school in relation to technology as an enabler, and given the caliber of questions asked by the students, indeed a group with bright futures. Timing was perfect for our brief introduction and given the number of questions, I believe that was the most valuable allocation of the time provided.  No question we had an engaged group who practice active listening. In addition, they had tweeted about our upcoming attendance prior to the visit and spoke about the visit on the announcements, so the students were well prepared.” – Role Model

“What a great Role Model for leadership and innovation in the digital age! The students were very impressed and totally attentive. As a result, I'm sure they have an elevated outlook about their future career options. [Our Role Model’s] story and his advice about using specific technologies as tools to achieve your goals is priceless - we all continue to be inspired by CareerMash Role Models, initiatives and online resources. ‘Wow!’ sums it up. Thank you CareerMash for amazing contributions to our students' lives.” – Guidance Counselor

“I was glad that I got to see the Role Model presentation. At first I was considering having a career in tech but I wasn't so sure. Now I am more certain that I do.” – Grade 10 Student

“I had a great time presenting to four career studies classes. The students were very receptive, well prepared and I am hoping the messages were understood. The staff was extremely helpful (the entire Business and Career Studies department) and [the teacher] coordinated everything extremely well and welcomed me into the school. I also got to spend a bit of time with [a guidance counselor] and we had a great chat about CareerMash, the Business Technology Management program and other initiatives that we can take part in, and we will be in touch further. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I was glad to be part of it.” – Role Model

“[Our Role Model] is a dynamic, bright young lady who the students readily identified with. She came well prepared and was able to keep the kids engaged for the whole 70 minutes. She presented on the soft and hard skills that are necessary to be successful which was a unique message for our students to hear - certainly a different perspective from our other four speakers.” – Guidance Counselor

“The presentation was informative! I didn't know that so many jobs required technology, and it is so easy to connect what you like to do with technology.” – Grade 10 Student

“I enjoyed the trip!  Through my talk about CareerMash, my company and my own stories, I think I conveyed the message that tech careers are in high demand, fun, social and requiring a mash-up of different skills. The materials like your video and “Myths and Realities” from were very useful.” – Role Model

“This presentation was a creative one, I believe it was the best it could have been and it was interesting. I think this presentation was a very motivating one. Now I might consider becoming something in the engineering mixed with the tech field.” – Grade 10 Student

“The visit was highly appropriate and our students very much enjoyed hearing [the role model’s] talk. She has a knack for teaching. She is patient with high school students and she is interested in not only what they learn, but how they learn. This characteristic is very obvious to anyone who appreciates the difficulties of teaching today's teens.” – Technology Teacher

“Very interesting!! I enjoyed it and [our Role Model] is a very good example that not everyone needs to take the same pathway! Thank you!!!!” – Grade 12 Student

“It was great! I really enjoyed it and received some good feedback from the students. Some that were considering engineering were asking me questions in private at the end. The other two panelists were fantastic as well and we had a great time – we meshed very well. The school staff was fantastic; I was really impressed by the teachers. The teachers were great: very cool, fun to work with and the kids have an obvious respect towards them, definitely different from what I remember when I went to high school! I told my wife that I hope the high schools where we live will be as good.” – Role Model